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How does this work?

Our opt-in only Loyalty Program earns you 2 $10 gift Qoupons per year with the purchase of an additional meal of equal or greater value.

How does it work? Each time you visit us, you access this link and have your server click the "Punch" button and that's it. Just like a paper card but on your smartphone so you never lose it. After ten (10) validations you will receive a 1 $10 gift Qoupon on us. Important! The server is entering a validation code known only to the restaurant. If a different code is entered, the entire program will deactivate.

Why do you need the info you are asking for?
We need your smart phone number and carrier to send you text alerts and gift Qoupons. In most cases, you will get only 5 text messages alerts in an entire year. By providing your smartphone #, you are giving us permission to deliver these 5 text alerts and gift Qoupons.

If you provide us with your Month and Day of birth, you get a second $10 digital gift Qoupon five days prior to before your birthday, no extra alerts necessary with the purchase of an additional meal of equal or greater value. The Birthday Qoupon is good for 7 days only, five before your birthday and 2 after.

Your information is completely protected and is never given out or sold to anyone else for any reason. You may opt-out of this program at any time. We reserve the right to change or cancel program at any time.

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